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Plan and Achieve Results

Your Mentoring Programme Must Have STRATEGIC Value.

  • Create your own Mentoring Programmes.

  • Define the purpose and value proposition.

  • Align your Mentoring Programme with measurable business goals.


Automatic Similarity Matching

A proper matching ensures the success of Mentoring Programmes.

  • Select your participant Mentors and Mentees.

  • Automatic matching. Participants are matched based on a similarity intelligent algorithm.

  • Customised matching according to customers’ needs from the Admin site.


Train and Support your Mentors

Provide your Executives with the proper resources to stand out as Mentors

  • Train your Mentors. Online training tools for Mentors on topics such as Mentoring and Mentoring Management skills.

  • Any question solved by chat, e-mail or phone the long the process can lead to great results.


Manage relationships and measure progress

What gets measured, gets managed. Show real business mentoring results.

  • Build relationships between Mentor and Mentee. Mentoring plan, meetings schedule, online minutes, meeting-specific resources and tasks, video conference and much more.

  • Measure your results. KPI’s and reports. Get measurable results of your achievements. Gain continuous insight on what is working and what is not.


Much more than a great mentoring software

8 out of 10 participants feel they are more productive as a result of the mentoring learning experiences. We offer a global solution for the success of your mentoring programmes.

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The Global Mentoring Solution for Enterprises

From €5/month per employee